Specialist in moist animal feeds

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Innovative and flexible solutions

Our marketing and sales specialists choose the best market for your co-product, directing our treatment and manufacturing process. We use innovative technologies in our plants. For instance, we developed a special technology to unpack packaged goods like chips, cake, bread and sweets where all packaging materials are carefully sorted, removed and destroyed. We also invest in handling and storage facilities at our suplier to ensure disposal and to maximize income.

Co-products can be sold as a single commodity; they are being shipped directly from our supplier to livestock producers.
Moreover, Bonda owns innovative mixing concepts allowing us to develop and commercialize
• liquid mixes from dry- and moist products
• stackable products from liquid co-products
• process incidental products arising from emergencies or breakdowns

All mixes of the above feeds are homogeneous and stable. Our ability to manufacture a broad range of sellable products allows us to realize maximum value for your co-products.